Terms & Conditions

The Young Theatre Company


Classes run weekly in term-time, although additional rehearsals & performances are also occasionally arranged. The dates and times of classes are always published prior to the start of term. However, these are naturally subject to alteration due to unforeseen circumstances, and students will be informed of such alterations in advance wherever possible. Each individual within a class is part of a whole group and as such it greatly helps our work if all students arrive on time and attend all classes arranged for them. Should absences occur, The Young Theatre Company should be notified - in advance if possible - so that we may plan accordingly and keep our records up to date. No refunds will be made for missed classes.


Fees of £55 per term payable in advance on or before the first lesson. All payments, either cash or cheque, should be in a named envelope with details of the payment and classes it relates to. Parents are liable for any bank charges incurred by bounced cheques. (All cheques should be made payable to The Young Theatre Company Limited). Fees are not refundable under any circumstances. Late fees (paid after the first lesson of term) will be charged at a higher rate of £65.


Students are required to wear Theatre Class uniform for all Theatre Classes, rehearsals and at times during performances. The Theatre Class uniform is a black Young Theatre Company t-shirt with logo, plain black bottoms and plain black footwear. Plain black bottoms must be suitable for the variety of physical activities involved in classes, flares for girls and jogging bottoms for boys. Footwear should be plain black pumps, jazz shoes or ballet shoes. Normal outdoor shoes or trainers are not permitted. All students must come to classes correctly attired with long hair tied back neatly and jewellery and watches removed. Uniform polo shirts are available directly from The Young Theatre Company.

Photography & Promotion

We endeavour to photograph and video film the majority of our performances/events for the benefit of parents, and as such we can only accept students who are willing and able to feature in such photographs and videos. Registering your child confirms that you have read these Terms & Conditions and that you give full permission for your child to be photographed/filmed in these circumstances. Students may also  occasionally be involved in promotional activities for The Young Theatre Company, including T.V, radio, press and internet coverage. Of course, we understand the need for safeguarding and as such any wish for students to be excluded from such activities must be indicated on the registration form and discussed with us on an individual basis.


All students are expected to conduct themselves sensibly during all classes, showing self discipline and respect towards others at all times. Students who damage company equipment or property through misuse or reckless behaviour will be held liable to any costs of repair or replacement. Eating and drinking are not permitted during classes, rehearsals or performances. The Performing Arts are, by their very nature, reliant upon strict discipline and awareness of others. Students who consistently fail to reach the required standard of behaviour during classes seriously affect the progress and enjoyment of other students and will therefore be excluded from all Young Theatre Company activities.