Casting Register
For pupils interested in being cast
in film and television roles!
We are regularly asked to provide children for film and television and in the past two years many pupils have acted in feature films alongside Colin Firth, Jude Law, Bill Nighy, Kit Harrington, Dominic West, Emily Watson and Alicia Vikander. This year we have already had another request for children for another feature film in March.

Recent films

We have now launched our own “Casting Register” to formalise our filming opportunities and make the process quicker and easier.

Our Casting Register is open to all current pupils who wish to be considered for film and television work, it is totally optional and does not affect classes. To join our Casting Register, parents must complete our application form, we take head and full shot photographs of your child which are kept on file with contact details, a copy of your child’s Birth Certificate and recent costume measurements.

To sign up your child on the register, please
click here to complete the Online Form.

 Terms & Conditions
Joining the Casting Register is FREE - however, a £5 administration fee will be deducted whenever your child is paid for work to cover admin costs. We never make casting choices, that is down to directors, so we can never influence the selection process or guarantee any work for any pupil. However, if your child is cast for a filming project, we will organise your child a Performance Licence granted from your Local Education Authority and guide you through the whole process.